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Reviews From Early Readers.

As a musician I have had the opportunity to travel the world entertaining.  I have shared my talents with many through music and song.  One of my hopes, as I perform for people, is that after the last note has been played and the last word has been sung; I have left everyone in attendance feeling uplifted and in higher spirits then when they arrived for the show.  I am always happy to introduce people who want to do the same.
I first met Clint G. Cox, author of Christmas Notes, when he came to my house to do some plumbing work.  That’s right, he is a plumber.  Since then I have recognized him as a neighbor, faithful religious brother, wonderful father, and now a talented writer.
His book, Christmas Notes, is an emotional life-pondering story that teaches a grand Christmas message.  Christmas Notes leaves the readers with the same feelings that I want to leave with my listeners.  Clint has used his talent to write a book that will not only help you feel the Christmas spirit, but will also remind you of those things most important in life.  These reminders help make it possible to have the spirit of this magical holiday stay with you all year long.  He does this through the main character Seanna, an orphan girl with a very unique method of communicating.  This little five year old girl gives recognition to everything that Christmas should be.  It is amazing how a simple note can teach a life altering message.  If you struggle with feeling the magic of Christmas or know someone that does, this book is for you.
As an entertainer who loves to use music to uplift and strengthen people’s lives.  I gladly recommend Clint G. Cox, as an author who wants to do the exact same for all those who read his writings, especially this book Christmas Notes.   
Merrill Osmond; Entertainer, Husband, and Father.   
P.S.  If Seanna was to write me a note, it would say, “Family” to always remind me of those at home who are my most adoring fans.  

The next sacred ornament to add to your Christmas collections.
Justin Osmond

Pacific Book Review 
Faith, forgiveness, hope are something we all know the definitions of, but their meanings are brought to a new awareness within this charming, griping tale of a young girl, Seanna, by Clint G. Cox in his story Christmas Notes.
Impeccably written with a perfect blend of dialogue and narration, Clint G. Cox brings to his audience a truly classic story, original and humble, yet simultaneously strong and memorable. Seanna is introduced as a 5 year old orphan, having lost her family in a horrific car accident, being the only survivor; saved by the heroism of a young boy who witnessed the crash and risked his own life to pull her from the fiery wreckage. A year has gone by and she lives in an orphanage, because the authorities cannot find any information about her family; the wreck destroyed all evidence of identification. Also lost was Seanna’s voice, due to the strain of the seatbelt across her chest, leaving her with a visible scar.
She is taken away from the orphanage temporarily, home for the Christmas holiday, for the month of December, by a couple, wishing to have a child of their own, but having been unfortunately unable. Max and Jenny are ordinary people with ordinary strengths and weaknesses, but when allowed the privilege to receive Seanna as a house guest, a participant in a program managed by the orphanage, everyone’s life changed.
Seanna communicates mostly with her eyes, her cute dimply smile, and through body language, but when a word is necessary, she would reach into her pocket and pick out a handwritten note – a scrap of paper with a terse word or two on it. Clint G. Cox brilliantly uses this technique of storytelling to embellish her character like none I have every witnessed. She is adorned with the wisdom of the ages along with childhood innocence to convey to all within the story, as well as those reading it, the lessons of faith; having whatever necessary strength is needed is obtained through one’s belief in God.
Christmas Notes takes ordinary people and places them into extraordinary circumstances, mixes up the “status quo” of a functional family, and rethreads the laces tightening up love and understanding with the power of faith, prayer and conviction of one’s belief. Set around Christmas brings an easy avenue for faith awareness, but this story can be actually told within the context of any time of year. The use of Seanna’s notes are the key to peaking the reader’s interest, as each time she handed a note to another character I was “on the edge of my seat” wondering what the note said. Sometimes Cox doesn’t tell you right away what the note says, toying with your anxiety for knowing and being teased for as long as he can until the reveal. This brings a dimension of life to the book, one that is enjoyable and fun to read.
This book is the perfect Christmas gift for a young adult. That said, it’s a wonderful way for “kids of all ages” to learn lessons only taught sometimes by the misfortune of others, such as Seanna, having suffered so much yet still being so strong. Christmas Notes is told through Max’s eyes, a truly good Samaritan who learns so much about helping others while all of the time subliminally helping himself through his own hardships. As you get to know the intricate characters of Seanna, Robert (the boy who saved her), Max, Jenny, their family- friends and those of the orphanage, you will find yourself engulfed in a world unlike the one you live in, yet the magic of Christmas is universal. There is one word, a note on a handwritten piece of paper that Seanna gave to Max which sums up the meaning of Christmas. When you get this book and read it, you’ll find out what I am talking about. You will never forget it.

Pacific Book Review

Christmas Notes Will Touch Your Heart
By Clint G. Cox
Bah! Humbug! That is Max’s attitude toward everything, including Christmas. The reason for it is uncertain but it has been building up inside him for a long time. When his wife wants to take an orphan child for one month during the Christmas season, he reluctantly agrees. Feeling inadequate to be a father to an orphan child for a short time and his bad attitude toward the season, he isn’t in the best of moods. After picking up the five-year-old girl from the orphanage, something begins to happen to him. Day by day, his heart begins to soften and his relationship with his wife improves. His attitude begins to change for the better. Could this one small girl affect his life so much? But that’s not all. There’s much more! This precious darling changes everyone’s life.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the relationship between Max and his wife. They are such a fun and cute couple. This story is filled with compassion, love, and humor. But make sure you have a hanky ready for those very tender moments. You’ll need it! “Christmas Notes” will touch your heart as it did mine.
Written by Linda Weaver Clarke, author of a historical romance series, A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho, and a mystery series, The Adventures of John and Julia Evans.
I am pleased to add “Christmas Notes” to my wonderful collection of Christmas stories.  Seanna, through her notes, teaches us that joy is not circumstantial but is born from within as we become the best we can be.  For this truth, we can all rejoice evermore—for joy is within the grasp of every person alive. My Christmas note would say: “Rejoice Evermore”

Thank you,

Carol Soelberg
(Please feel free to use whatever title best suits your purposes.)
Mother of 13
President United Families International
2006 National Parents of the Year (with husband Glade) or
2010 Arizona Mother of the Year
Avid lover of Christmas stories
Hey!!!! I got your book yesturday in the mail! Thanks for signing it and giving it to me, it means a lot! I have started to read it and so far I love it.  However, My son Stephen who is 11 started reading it too so I am fighting him for it. He told me to tell you he loves what he has read so far. I have to keep telling him not to tell me what happens. Ha! Stephen doesn't love to read so that is a HUGE compliment to you! Thanks again, I will send you my review of the book when I'm done. 
Kim Behling


I finished your book a couple of days ago and am responding to your question regarding what my favorite part was. Without a doubt it's p. 144, where Max gives Robert a ride home from school. Seanna walks him to the door and gives him a hug, showing by her expression that she's sorry for his pain. I love his response:

"Most people die wondering if they have done anything good with their life. I know, with a surety, that I have, and these scars help me remember that every day."

To me, that is one of the most profound sections of the book and I found myself reading that part over several times before moving on. I guess it made me think that not all of us have physical scars, but many have emotional ones and the important thing is not to let them hold us back, but to remind us of what we've learned, be grateful for it, and move on with our lives.

Thank you for sharing this gift of yourself with us. We've often talked about your amazing ability to tell stories when you come hometeaching and how you find clever ways to apply them to gospel principles. It's a great talent that should be shared with others and we are so thrilled to see you doing so. We hope this book is just a beginning and that we will see many more in the future!
Kathy Wyatt


A Spiritual Uplift… A Story to Remember…

Confronted with real life struggles, trauma and disappointments Max Fox is faced with yet another joyless Christmas. No job, no prospects, no hope. Jenny, his wife, is forced to work extra hours and that adds more guilt. The pleasure, once associated with this holiday, has vanished into youthful memories.

When a special little girl enters their lives, the changes are gradual. Hope starts to take root and the magic of love transforms hopelessness into happiness.

If you’ve contracted the “Holiday Blues”, suffer from the “Scrooge Syndrome” or need to mend your heart, Christmas Notes is the perfect remedy.

The Readers Cove

Christmas Notes was a wonderful story.  I was captured from the first page.  I totally fell in love with Seanna, she reminded me how blessed I am to have children as such a big part of my life.  Her unconditional love for everyone she came in contract with was an inspiration to me.   As I thought about what a note would need to say for me, so many words came to mind.  As I contemplated what my note would need to say for the Christmas holidays and for everyday, I decided on the word "priorities".  I think I could use a reminder of what is most important  to me and who is at the center of my life.
Kyle Nelson


This book is a perfect book to read at Christmas time.  It captures the true meaning of selflessness, and love.  I enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down until I finished it!  The characters are unforgettable and really make you think about the meaning of life and how you could change it for the better!
My note would say: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
Megan Brenchley
I just wanted to write and let you know that I"ve finished it and it's a really wonderful story. You bring the characters alive and the emotion is just so genuine. Thanks for writing this book - it's really made me stop and think about those important to me and how a note can change someones life.
Becca Barkley From New Zealand. 

 "This is a beautiful story. The only problem is that it put me in the holiday mood WAY
too early! I keep telling myself that it's not yet Christmas (although I have been living in
that season for several months now)". Because of this book.

​Melissa M, Editor for American Book Publishing

"As I'm reading through this book for, let's see, the 20th time, I just thought you should
know that it still makes me cry. You have some brilliant statements in here and beautiful
scenes. The one that prompted me to tell you now, is that I just read (again, for at least

the 20th time), this line: The hero’s mask that he wore could never do justice to the spirit
he had within his heart."

If the book can still have an effect on me, one who knows it so well, then I feel many,
many people will feel the same effects.

Melissa M, Editor for American Book Publishing

“Buy it, read it, but most importantly LIVE it! Live with the attitude of love, happiness,
and gratitude that this book brings to life."

​"As a mother, I can relate to the feelings brought out by this book. It confirms my belief
that we can find much happiness and love from raising children. I love how it reassures
fathers that it is OKAY to become smitten, softened, and completely changed by the
love of God through children."
My Note would say "Laugh". I have to remember to laugh and choose to be happy.

Robyn Eliason C. Wife, Mother and Elementary School teacher.

Overall, I think this is a beautiful and powerful story that literally brought me to tears. I
didn't want it to end,..........I have no doubt you have a winner here!
My Note would also say "Forgiveness" to help keep my heart full of love.

Erika Stover; Mother of four beautiful girls and English Professor

I think this could be the next "Christmas Classic". My note would say "Trust".

JAF Stay at home Wife, Mother of two wonderful girls and two hansom boys.

We have been honored to have had the opportunity of reading Clint Cox’s Christmas
Notes. While reading Christmas Notes, we were uplifted, surprised, laughed and of
course cried. This is a fantastic Christmas tale that would be perfect to read as a family,
a couple or on your own. The way that Clint Cox has linked the old traditions and
thoughts of Christmas with life as we know it with all the twists and turns we take on a
daily basis helps the reader appreciate more fully their own life. Christmas Notes should
find its way into every family’s home where it will be a favorite holiday reading for years
to come.

Jake Mellor MBA & Mikaleen Mellor RDH and newly weds.

My favorite part was when Robert and his grave sacrifice to save Seanna, and when
Seanna gave Robert his note. If I received a note it would say Selfless.

Jake Mellor

My favorite part of Christmas Notes was Robert’s handmade gift to Seanna. It was
touching in the context of the story, being what Max missed about the holiday, but I
personally have a family member who collects this particular item and displays them
during the holiday season for everyone to see. Robert’s was special because he took
the time to make it for Seanna, and then he went beyond the ordinary, he so often does,
to include an item that would always remind Seanna of her family.

My note would say Remember; to remember the acts of kindness that people give to
remember those who have gone before, to remember good times, Seanna was always
remembering and thinking about those around her and when people are remembered
they know they are loved.

Mikaleen Mellor