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Friday, April 27, 2012

This month has been a crazy one. As you can see I am running behind on my monthly blog posting.
I figure I better explain myself. Plumbing is busy and my wife gave birth to our fifth child a little girl on the first of the month. So ya it has been crazy.  
Instead of trying to do two posts right together I will just inform you of some news on the second book.
This is the big announcement I am almost finished. This summer I will get it edited and ready for readers by October.
In October I am going to try to hit Amazon best seller on October 1st and for this I will need your help.
I am going to do something a little different this year. I am going to give book two away for free. That's right for free. I can not get it officially published tell 2013 so I am going to give it away on read only discs to all that want a copy. The only requirement is that you buy book 1 Christmas Notes through my Amazon store for the hardback, and for the soft cover.
Don't worry I am the cheapest new book seller for my book. You have to make sure that I am the seller in order for me to send you the free book. For all you kindle users if you email me a receipt of your kindle purchase with your home address to I"ll send the second book out to you.
SO the things you need to remember
#1 October 1st is launch day to become a Amazon best seller. If yo would like me to remind you send me an email now to  Put in your heading Amazon best seller.
#2 On October 1st go to the Christmas Notes Amazon book page "above" and then find me as a seller on ether the hardback or the soft cover book. I should be the lowest New Book seller and buy the book.
When I get your order I'll ship both books out to you.
If you buy the kindle addition then you will have to email me the receipt the same day you buy the book with your address and I'll email you a copy of book two. You should be able to put it on your
#3 Both books will be shipped to you shortly after your purchase.

I am giving you two books for the price of one. Book two is truly a treasurer for all you who have read book one you know what I mean. I think book two is even better then book one if you can get better then book one. Christmas Notes has received all 5 star reviews, and has been a hit with the critics. It will be heard to beat book one but I think I have done it. 
I realize you may already have book 1 Christmas Notes. That is why I am selling it that day of October 1st so cheep. And my hope is that you will give it away for a gift and then keep the second book to add to your collection.

Please help me on October 1st to become a best selling author. Remember email me now if you would like a reminder.

Thank you all for your help.

Copy write 4-26-2012 by Clint G Cox  

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